We are working on populating our Senate now! Email us at gscounciltwu@gmail.com if you are interested in joining the cause. 

We are currently preparing for the Pioneering Spirit Awards Ceremony. Please see this page to learn more about this celebration!

About GSC

The Graduate Student Council of Texas Woman’s University is the advocating and community-building organization for graduate students of TWU. GSC operates with a senate and an executive council.

Mission Statement

The Graduate Student Council is a multi-purpose organization designed to give graduate students a formal collective presence, to advise the Dean of the Graduate School and the Director of the Center for Student Development who serve as its official advisors, and to promote graduate student development. Thus, its purpose is to serve as a voice for all graduate students, to work in support of the core values of the council, and to advocate for graduate students’ concerns and ideas related to graduate education at Texas Woman’s University.

Core Values

Advocacy – Creating a community that encourages intellectual curiosity, creative expression, collaboration, innovation, contributions of new knowledge, and developing respect for self and others through social responsibility, accountability and ethical behavior.

Excellence – Committing to student individual and professional growth through lifelong learning, fostering the preparation of students for success and sustainability in careers, leadership, and service.

Community – Offering opportunities for networking and community creation among students, faculty and administrators; addressing graduate student issues; celebrating student successes; and promoting a strong student voice.

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