TWU’s referendum for a New Student Union

On February 3-4, 2015, all TWU students will have the opportunity to vote in a campus-wide referendum for a new Student Union. Currently, the existing union is 44 years old and we are out of space! For more information, please visit the following weblink: pioneer a new U

The following information went out to faculty, staff, and students on January 13, 2015:

Student Union Project     Jan. 13, 2015

Dear TWU Community,

As you may recall from my last community wide email, we are conducting a feasibility study to evaluate options for the Student Union project. A Student Union planning committee was appointed and worked with Smith Group to examine our existing Student Union structure, an addition to our current structure, the construction of a new building, or the use of another existing space that could be redesigned for more efficient usage.

After consulting with the faculty, staff and students at the university, the idea to explore utilizing Hubbard Hall seemed an obvious one. The current thought is that the Hubbard facility would include both new construction and renovation.

One reason the plan is attractive is that the majority of the building is currently not utilized for a large part of the day. The plan would require few to relocate and would displace the least amount of offices on campus during construction and renovation. The plan will double the current operating space of the existing Student Union and we will seek to reunite the rich social and dining legacy of Hubbard Hall with the growing needs of the University. The current Student Union will remain a working facility during the process. With this update, the identity of the Union as the “heart” of the campus will be reaffirmed. The new plans, as pictured in the attachment, will include dedicated space for the use of students as a social, recreational, gathering, eating, and study space.

Rendering of the outside of the proposed Student Union building

A fee increase for this project will be presented to the students in early February. The funding process for the proposed Student Union is subject to the approval of the TWU Board of Regents and ultimately, the Texas Legislature.

The above renderings are not final but an example of usage of space.

Email sent to the community by Dr. Monica Mendez-Grant, Vice President of Student Life

For more information, please visit the following weblink: pioneer a new U

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