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GSC Presents New Professional Development Series for Graduate Students

The Graduate Student Council is starting a new professional development series.
We are planning 3 workshops per semester. Each of the workshops will include a possible 30 participants and will be anchored on the Denton campus (in the Pioneer Center) with an additional video-conferenced room on the Houston campus (also in the Pioneer Center there). We will be opening 20 spots on the Denton campus and 10 on the Houston campus.
Fall 2015 schedule:
September 29th from 2-5pm: “Pursuing Internships”
October 29th from 3-6pm: “Scoring Grants and Fellowships”
November 6th from 8-11am: “The Mind Game of Graduate School: Battling Imposter Syndrome and Balancing Perfectionism, Procrastination and Professional Self-Care”
** RSVP HERE for the September 29th workshop. **

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